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Who does Bondell beverages supply to?
We typically supply the hospitality industry - so coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, B & B's, as well as corporates such as casinos, banks, and companies who provide staff with food and drinks. We will supply retail outlets in the future.
What is the minimum quantity that can be ordered?
What is our Spiced Chai made of?
How is it best to drink Spiced Chai Latte?
Is Chai a healthy drink?
Does the Bondell Spiced Chai Latté contain caffeine?
Is there sugar added to the Spiced Chai products?
How can I request a visit from a consultant to get samples?
What areas do you operate/supply?
Does one have to be in the hospitality industry to qualify to be stocked?
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Wholesalers to the hospitality and corporate industries of high quality chai & other beverages - dedicated to supply & deliver without compromise. Your partner you can count on.

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