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Spiced Chai Latté sensations

Wholesalers to the hospitality industry - restaurants, hotels, B & B's, coffee shops, tea gardens, food retail outlets, corporates -
offering delicious, refreshing light beverages, for the health-conscious consumer - with more to be added over time -
high quality ingredients of integrity, that inspire and contribute to a healthier lifestyle!

Spiced Chai Latté


Spiced Chai Latté


Spiced Choc-Chai Latté

Modern blend

AfriRoast Coffee Beans

Medium roasted

White Hot Chocolate

25% real white chocolate

Hot Chocolate

A 15% real cocoa sensation

Melktert In-A-Mug

Ouma's recipe

Ice Coffee

Refreshing thirst quencher

Our Policy

Through understanding what our clients need and want, we provide a trusted relationship based on mutual benefit, focusing on patron delight.

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Our Philosophy

To provide products of the highest quality, on time and to never faulter on service, quality and reliability - it is a two way street.

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Vision & Mission

To take our brand of products to select business who share an appreciation for quality in product, service and who seek to delight the consumers.

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Delight your patrons & customers alike

Provide top-quality spiced Chai Latté (sweetened and unsweetened) to your patrons and have them coming back for more
- you provide the ambience - the character and atmosphere of a place - and we supply you with the content - a perfect partnership
Not only are our Chai beverages delicious, they are for the health conscious, with hot chocolate for the sweet tooth served in more than one way

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Why Choose Us?

Our keen eye and sense for quality helped us source high quality chai suppliers and after some negotiating, we launched our house brand 'BonDell' to carry forth our levels of professionalism, attention to detail and highest quality available - locally blended to our specifications, we stand behind our product 100%.

Launching with our Spiced Chai Latté (sweetened and unsweetened) and Spiced Choc-Chai Latte and Hot Chocolate products we aim to capture our part of the market through excellent after-sales service, best quality and brand association. Oh, and we are great people to work with! Dinkum.

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Contact Info

Get in touch with us through any of the below listed means. We would love to hear from you.


PO Box 588, Rant-en-Dal, Krugersdorp, 1751



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