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Bondell was born as a brand under the Tundracode banner when Danie helped out a friend who was attending a coffee expo. Being a heavy coffee drinker himself, he thoroughly enjoyed that constant aroma from all the coffee exhibitors that filled every breath. It was at this very exhibition where he was introduced to Chai Latté for the first time. Although the smell was very appealing, the actual taste couldn’t match that of coffee for him. What he did realize though, is that there were very little other suppliers for this particular product, not to even mention local manufacturers, compared to the bouquet of established coffee suppliers out there.

During this time, Danie’s father was in the process of obtaining a distillery license, mainly aiming to manufacture flavored Vodka drinks. With this in mind, together with the increasingly demand for Chai Latté in South Africa, Bondell beverages was started when he found the right supplier for quality products.

Danie firmly believes that if the product and service is of exceptional quality, then a decent customer base is inevitable, even though this is normally a longer and a tough path to walk. Bondell beverages, especially the products, will strictly conform to these beliefs. There will never be inferior products manufactured that needs to be sold on “special” to get rid of them or to meet a set “turnover”.

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Dedicated to deliver 'best quality' Chai & other beverages to you. Having sourced suppliers of the highest integrity we can only now provide you with the best service and support - servicing the greater Johannesburg areas with supply and delivery of stocks from 6 x 1kg combined product upwards to standing orders.

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Wholesalers to the hospitality and corporate industries of high quality chai & other beverages - dedicated to supply & deliver without compromise. Your partner you can count on.

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